Kềm tuốt vỏ dây thuê bao quang ép chặt

Kềm tuốt vỏ dây thuê bao quang ép chặt

Vật tư, phụ kiện viễn thông

Kềm chuyên dụng để tuốt vỏ cho dây thuê bao quang đệm chặt FTTH 1FO, 2FO.

Product description:

* FTTH fiber optic drop cable stripper is used to peel 250um coating of 125um fiber optic

1.98mm open pore at the top uses to peel protective covering of fiber optic pigtail.

* All of cutting ends has precise mechanical tolerance to make operation clean and smooth. Hand shank is designed by human engineering theory, so you will feel comfortable when grasping. 

* Second hole for stripping 2-3mm fiber jackets. 


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